1001 Paintings I Must See Before I Die

1001 Paintings to See Before You DiI would have preferred this 2007 book from Cassell Illustrated to be a coffee-table style book with pages double the size but a great print collection of paintings both known and unknown to me from 1400 BC to 2006.

I am though a little surprised there have been no updates.

Also that there is no  digital version having as it does the advantage that it can be updated year by year or indeed as and when without the customer having to fork out for newer copies.

And a format that lends itself well to being viewed on screen if the screen is a larger one – as in my case an iMac – where also the reader can interact more with the content with for example links to further related and background content.

On the other hand I can leave books such as this lying around my home on full display – for visitors to see and share an option not so effectively achieved with a digital copy!