Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

Careful, now!

A few days back I posted about banana biking with my nieces at Battersea Park – today I was back again with them and my nephew this time to the Children’s Zoo – but adults can come too!

In effect a mini-zoo with usual facilities there as gift shop and cafe and a smaller menagerie of animals. We visited mid-afternoon and it was not very busy and that was certainly an advantage giving us the place pretty much to ourselves and made it easier for me to keep an eye on my roving young company.

Conservation themes are well addressed though the children were more interested in some of the more unusual animals – meerkats – children always love meerkats!, Piggle and Wiggle the exotic Kune Kune sedentary pigs, mynah birds ‘they’re copying us!’ and perhaps most pleasure from those they could stroke such as the ponies and rabbits. The only cause of alarm being Ant and Dec – no not the famous Geordie duo but the two Emu’s named after them – they would occasionally charge toward the fence as we peered over at them!

All in all time and money well spent and good to get up and close to the country in the city.

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