Passport Photos – Smile Please

I had to get a passport photo today for my pending holiday to Australia.

Passport photo booths just do not serve me well – they do not capture my spirit!

I am sure I am smiling but when the photo comes out I always appear grim like a recent recipient of some awful news. Likewise I try at least to appear relaxed but come across instead as on edge, a slightly suspicious looking figure. And my hair though I am sure I have combed it so it looks reasonably tidy always manages to come across squint, out of place, a law unto itself.

I don’t consider myself entirely un-photogenic and other family photos for example I am happy enough to share around. Perhaps it is just the nature of the booth – having to ensure I am looking directly at the camera, that my stool is the right height, that I don’t blink – all that concentration sapping the energy out of me.  Who knows – one thing for sure I have a digital copy of the photo and I won’t be sharing it here with any of you!