Barnsley By-election – politics not as usual

Much ado was made about the Liberal Democrat’s performance and rightly in losing their deposit but I feel the Conservative’s performance falling behind their kindred UKIP is also of note and though a safe seat the fact that Labour managed to increase their majority when the circumstances of this election were to do with the expenses fraud of the previous incumbent is also remarkable – one might have expected the Barnsley electorate to punish Labour  – perhaps then they prospered only because the electorate punished the Coalition parties even more.

My hope with the Conservative Liberal Democrat coalition as someone who voted Labour last year was that the Lib Dems would detoxify the Conservatives rather than the Conservatives poison the Lib Dems – the former certainly has not happened and I find it increasingly difficult to see what positive influence the Lib Dems are having in this it now seems shotgun marriage of convenience – an increasingly silent partner.  Their referendum on Alternative Voting is not insignificant and I do wonder what might have been the outcome in Barnsley had this system already been in place.

The Conservatives are acting increasingly as if they got a majority at the last election and now planning radical legislation not in their manifesto of which they are only able to continue with due to the acquiescent support of the Lib Dems. I find this frustrating – I can but imagine what those who voted for Nick Clegg and his party must now be feeling.

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