The Bike Station

My Apollo Rampage

I have owned an Apollo Rampage Mountain Bike for over a decade  – only thing is for the last 8 years it has been lying on its back in my hallway, co-incident with the time I purchased my first car the love of my live my Mini One. I promised myself I would still use my bike for local journeys but alas whenever I needed to make any such trip the bike was ever neglected in favour of the cosy environs and speed of my car.  My bike had also suffered a puncture never repaired but despite lying there unloved I have never taken the step to remove it as I have always convinced myself that I would one day get back on the saddle – but I have finally had to concede this is a delusion and if I should ever return to cycling the bike is now ill-suited to my, shall we say, older body-shape.

So then the question became how to dispose of it. Resale value on the surface was zero though perhaps if I had been so inclined I could have broken it up for parts.   I then considered my local Freecycle but also decided to have a quick surf of the web to see if there were any sites that refurbish and resell dis-used bikes – sure enough there was and in my neighbourhood namely The Bike Station.  It was a simple journey (if tellingly in my car) to one of their branches situated in a side road off Edinburgh’s Minto Street where it was left with them for I do not know what fate – a return to its former glory perhaps or instead broken down to become parts of many other bikes – whichever is a sunny outcome than the dreary alternative of waste on some out of town out of sight quarry.