My Supermarket

Grocery shopping is not my favourite activity – I cannot say I enjoy trawling up and down aisles hoping I have remembered all I might need or want for my weekly shop, then having to queue to pay for it all.  This site solves that problem allowing me to grocery shop from my own home from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Ocado depending on how near they are to where you are shopping from – in my case I can shop from Tesco and Asda and see which shopping basket works out the cheaper.

It also stores all my purchased items as favourites  – and I do tend to buy a lot of the same items week in week out!  – making my grocery shopping even more efficient – I can then just sit back and wait for them to be delivered.

My one bug-bear is more to do with the grocery stores themselves and their time-limited offers – when I choose a delivery date a few days in advance many of the offers are no longer available.  I do think that the offers should be based on when the item is bought not when it is delivered and hope that Tesco and the like come to that view too in the future.

I won’t say My Supermarket is Grocery shopping made fun – that would be overstating it! – but as pleasant as it is ever likely to be!