Sugar Rush – Sugar Fix

I am pleased to see this Shine Limited production 2005 series of Sugar Rush, based on the Julie Burchill novel, originally aired on Channel 4 being reprised on 4 Music.

A chance to see again Olivia Hallinan playing a smart and determined character in Kim Daniels – before her more familiar recent role doing the same for Laura Timmins in Lark Rise To Candleford – with her sugar crush on Maria Sweet played by Lenora Crichlow.

A brave, upfront and funny show exploring young gay love and heart-break amongst a backdrop of troubled family life …if not entirely brave by Channel 4 showing it often in the deep hours of the night.

I wonder also the basis for the repeat on 4 Music and not on Channel 4 itself or E4 – apart from One Way or Another a song from the Blondie Parallel Lines album on the opening credit and other music forming some of the soundtrack to each episode this is hardly a music show.  If it were on that basis almost any show on Channel 4 it seems could end up re-aired on 4 Music.

Nevertheless I am  happy to relive their Brighton exploits so am not too concerned the basis for its 4 Music Airing!

I am though girding myself for its sudden ending – a series that was barely in its stride before the schedulers brought it to a grinding halt. A great shame.

2 thoughts on “Sugar Rush – Sugar Fix

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