Fuck You David Love Lily!

So said Lily Allen dedicating her song of the same name to our current Prime Minister in the first episode of the Channel 4 Documentary ‘From Riches To Rags‘ – which details her move out of music into fashion – it made me smile.

We can and should have well considered forcefully argued respectful debates about political parties and issues, but this reminds that sometimes a blunt outburst of Anglo-Saxon expletive is all that is necessary – as self-explanatory of what you are thinking and feeling as any much wordier editorial or commentary.

Fuck You is a single taken from her cleverly titled ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’ 2009 album and has the merit of being able to be applied  to whoever or whatever most gets your ire at any given place, at any given time.

This certainly includes the leaders of our political parties and the leader of the Conservative Party obviously won’t be the last one to be the object of popular vitriol.  But for the time-being to paraphrase!

…David Cameron, fuck you!

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