The Vintage Valley

As a blogger it is a labour of love to read and report on other blogs.  Blogs I believe are the most authentic form of writing – the real experience of its writers whoever and wherever they are in the world. Mainstream journalism is often a cheerleader for a particular political ideology and its writers from a narrow social background.  Blogs are not editorialised into banality – they are the real deal for better and for worse.

My first blog review is of The Vintage Valley.

I came upon it via Weardrobe a fashion website which allowed its users to upload photographs of themselves in their own styles to then be viewed and voted on. Small biographies accompany most of the published self-styled fashionistas – most of the bios have links to their blogs – another rich source of inspired and inspiring blogs. Sadly Weardrobe is no longer.

Work is wonderful when it is how you would spend your time by choice anyway.  Getting paid to do something you love – now that’s a gig!

Even if a modest fortune better that than a handsome fortune doing something you don’t love.

That is the life documented in words and pictures in this blog.  Go into the Vintage Valley and see for yourself.