A fellow blogger likes my post! – or did they?!

Yes a post of mine has finally had the Like button clicked on – someone has read and likes my post! Or do they really like it and have they even read it?

You see the like button was hit almost seconds after my post was up!  The person who liked my post is based in Bulgaria and they have a number of blogs mainly it seems about military history which is not a prime interest of mine and all of them in Bulgarian.  And the content of my particular post was about a digital radio that I own and the stations that it broadcasts!

Then I reflected on the title of my post ‘Digital radio – cleaning up the nation’ which is a quoting of lyrics from ‘Radio, Radio’ by Elvis Costello and The Attractions – and that this blogger may have a search template set up to mark likes to any posts titled with terms relating to his blog interests such as in this case ‘Nation’ – a way of driving traffic to his blogs I guess – I like your posts, you like my posts, the modern blog equivalent of you scratch my back, I will scratch yours.

Perhaps though I am being overly paranoid and cynical and that a few seconds after I posted my entry was read and liked. Perhaps!

2 thoughts on “A fellow blogger likes my post! – or did they?!

  1. You have shown up on my automatic post noticer with the word, ah… blogger. It’s exhausting keeping up with this. I should change the word to Transmetropolitan, Dingle or Cuchulainn.

    But yes, I do also sometimes wonder – especially when I see the search terms that have led people to me.

    In your case, you just happened to pop up when I was looking. Random. But your post title also piqued my interest. So in this case, now you know.


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