WordPress Down…but thank you Google and Twitter

I have only been blogging regularly for the last few weeks and this is my first experience of not being able to access WordPress – it meant that you (however many of you that might be!) could still view my blog but I was not able to post new content.  I presume you would not have been able to post any new comments too.

There was a message to this effect from WordPress which was clear and apologetic and not hidden in tech-speak. But the best status notification was courtesy of a Google search where I could see real-time results which unsurprisingly consisted of other bloggers tweeting similar tales of woe – reminding that we were all in the same boat as it were with similar predicaments and frustrations.

And nice that one member of the social network family Twitter was helping out another member us WordPress bloggers.

And I hope that should Twitter next experience some down-time that WordPress bloggers will be similarly obliging.


One thought on “WordPress Down…but thank you Google and Twitter

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