Firefox 4 – same as it ever was

Mozilla today released Firefox 4.

The minute video you can play to see a brief summary of the changes describes them as ‘faster, easier, more awesome’!  This version we are being told makes Firefox more splendid!

But is this not generally what most upgrades are about?!

It may seem churlish but at this stage so what? How fast does my browser need to render a page – a second will do I really am not that bothered whether it can do it in a nano or picosecond.

More than speed I want my browser to be robust – not crashing and freezing at every other website – and Firefox for me as been robust for as many versions back that I can remember.  This is its selling point for me – Safari is less bloated and the better looking but can crash without warning, Chrome will freeze and seems particularly to struggle with Adobe Flash.  Firefox just works.

I like that it is cross-platform too but this can be said about most browsers now.

Syncing is of little interest to me as I prefer the social bookmarking features and set up of

And though I denigrated a little its looks as compared to Safari its Personas themes allows me dress it up as it were in a style of my choosing – my Firefox is currently wearing Chanel Paris by photoeric!

So it is not that Firefox 4 underwhelms me rather that Firefox already delivers what I need in a browser in a very substantial way and a tweak here and a tweak there seems hardly worthy of such a fanfare.


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