Fashion Couturier Brix Smith-Start

Gok’s Clothes Roadshow last week reached its Channel 4 London fashion finale.

Whilst Saint Gok is the centre-piece of this show I enjoy Brix Smith-Start’s high-fashion mix just as much.

A thankless task potentially as she flies the flag of Haute Couture against Gok Wan’s creative re-constructing of High Street wares in these times of tightly controlled purse strings. And though more often than not the vanquished in the catwalk showdowns she always responds in good grace and spirit.

In Gok’s Fashion Fix she was teamed up initially with fashion buyers from Harrods, Selfridges and Browns but only Brix stuck around for subsequent fashion head to heads against this clothes magician.

And in this series she got even, literally as Gok would say – drawing the series to a close!

I enjoy too her trips around Britain to our fashion sites of creative excellence – Burberry, Barbour, Gina, Christys, Dents, Garrard among others were visited this series where each produced a specially commissioned Brix piece – lucky her! – ending this series with a Matthew Williamson gown – celebrating the craft as well as the art of British fashion.

I think though she should have a show of her own – haute couture is art as fashion, fashion as art – and if priced beyond most of us we can still appreciate dream and aspire.