Ode to a Cube – Claude Elwood Shannon

I, like you I suspect, have a list of things I want to do but never get around too.

Completing this Rubik is one of them. I should attempt its puzzle and should it remain enigmatic to me it is a beautiful design item in its own right which I can leave on display about my home with the open question to any visitiors whether I solved it or not!

Claude Elwood Shannon not Erno Rubik!

It was with interest then that I read this week’s Cross Check article by John Horgan in the March 28 issue of Scientific American a small tribute and remembrance of scientist Claude Elwood Shannon – and I am using the broad term scientist here as the list of activities that he undertook would take to long to list and do justice to – and his poem on the Rubik’s Cube.

I found the poem a real pleasure.  His footnotes to his poem were an equal pleasure – not something I usually feel about footnotes!

I shall post again should Rubik ever reveal its mystery to me – but don’t hold your breath!


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