Big Brother and Cheryl Cole – TV Heaven?

Cheryl Cole at Brit Awards 2011

Endemol makers of Big Brother have announced that Channel 5 will be reviving the show following Channel 4’s ending of it last year.

I have mixed feelings about this – I enjoyed Big Brother but probably watched too much of it – Channel 4’s axing was likely the only way I could have been weened off it – and now Channel 5 are to revive it!

And Cheryl Cole to step into Davina McCall’s shoes!  I’m sold, as a big fan of Cheryl too, but this might just be media speculation – there will be a lot I guess as Davina has said she is not interested in compering it again.

It is a hugely expensive show to produce and the audience figures have fallen away over its decade duration so some risk for Channel 5 too – I wonder what other plans they may have for it?

Big Brother does have its share of fame wannabes but the program usually strips that away and gets under the skins of its contestants into their hearts and minds.

My fear is that Channel 5 may not understand that and turn it into a circus with unnecessary gimmicks.

I hope not – time will tell.

One thought on “Big Brother and Cheryl Cole – TV Heaven?

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