Shazam – another kind of magic

Screen cap – no point clicking on it!

I was watching the behind the scenes video of the Top Shop high summer shoot – no voiceover just a bright and breezy pop song providing the soundtrack. But what was that song? No information on the website page and no-one with me to ask.

Then I remembered that mobile App that allows you to identify music just by holding up your phone up to it – Shazam (taken from the DC Comic strip Captain Marvel where his alter ego Billy Batson incites the name of Wizard Shazam to do, well magic, a bit like this mobile app claims to do!) – well now I could discover for myself.

I downloaded the app and re-ran the video holding my iPhone up to it and ‘Shazam!” it identified the tune as ‘Bang Bang Bang’ by Mark Ronson and The Business International.  I then went into Spotify to verify that it was the song being used – and it was – wow.

The app can do other stuff but for the time-being I just had to share that it can do this – just so clever.

It is a magical product, voodoo tech. I will be keeping my iPhone and Shazam holster-ready now when watching TV as commercials in particular are a rich source of songs and sounds past and present not always known to me.

Whistles happily off into the distance…!

By the way when she sings ‘Feathers I’m plucking feathers’ I was hearing it as ‘Clever I’m fucking clever’ – you too, or is it just me?!