Jemima Rooper – under-exposed?

London Actor Jemima Rooper was recently on our screens in the remake of Bouquet of Barbed Wire but why so fleeting on our screens?

Jemima Rooper crops up in a lot of my favourite television programs but often in very cursory roles such as in Sugar Fix as the Rock Group lead singer Montana with a brief night of passion with Olivia Hallinan’s Kim, and as Gerry in the Luke Watson directed Random Quest.

She has played more substantive characters such as Nicki Sutton in As If and Thelma in Hex but these are the exceptions rather than the rule.

I find her a funny and charismatic performer and am disappointed about her lack of screen parts.

She was centre stage as Amanda Price in the Jane Austen inspired Lost in Austen where Pride and Prejudice and present day London collide – her character and Elizabeth Bennett (played by another British acting treasure Gemma Arterton) swap places – sci-fi meets classical romantic literature!

The show’s premise was imaginative and the show itself was well written and delivered with good ensemble acting. It was Jemima Rooper’s humorous and passionate performance though that the show pivoted on.

So please film or television directors cast her in something more enduring!

Princess Catherine Doll – and other Royal souvenirs

I received an Email today from Gadget site Firebox where all the merchandise listed was to cash in – sorry, honour! – the coming Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

From Top Trumps to Tea Towels.

I think they have likely hit a winner with this Princess Catherine Doll though – at £35 a pop Firebox and its manufacturers really could be minting it.

If I were ever to be famous I think being turned into a mass-production doll would be one of celebrity’s more pleasing outcomes!

I was amused by the disclaimer too ‘Posable doll bearing a purely coincidental resemblance to Kate Middleton’.

I just wonder how many more royal wedding souvenirs with an unintended passing likeness to the future monarch there will be!