Taylor Momsen – Miss Nothing Unplugged

I am a latecomer to this NME TV video of Taylor Momsen’s band The Pretty Reckless with an unplugged version of their song Miss Nothing – recorded August 20 2010 at the Borderline London England.

Ben Phillips turns in a great rock’n’roll performance on acoustic guitar – guitar soundboard percussion too.

And Taylor soars along the melody of this song.

A slightly shy dressing-room performance but she still exudes star appeal whether she likes it or not – Courtney Love and Deborah Harry’s Sweet Rock Child – and again another actor trespassing on the rock pop music territory as if it were her own – think of Evan Rachel Wood Across the Universe in the Julie Taymor Beatles fantasy homage and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Gleeful Prince Kiss – what a pity that when singers turn to acting it is not usually this good.

But for Taylor Momsen this is more than just a flirting alliance – she seems heart and soul committed to it.  I will be interested how long she sticks on this path or turns back to Gossip Girl and other acting. I think she should stick with rock music while still young and return to the acting later – rock singers usually become less interesting as they get older – Neil Young being the exception list of one?!

But talk of this is ridiculous as I keep forgetting she is only 17!

And I look forward a few more ballads too. ‘You’ the final track on their 2010 Light Me Up album  was a beautiful soul number.

Shine On Miss Everything.

One thought on “Taylor Momsen – Miss Nothing Unplugged

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