Jessie J – Price Tag – Money, Money, Money

Coconut Man and Moonhead!

Coconut Man and Moonhead!

Londoner Jessie J has golden tonsils. Where Bruno Mars is a soul singer with a pop sensibility Jessie J is a pop singer with a soul sensibility – it’s not quite the same thing!

Price Tag has an easy contagious tune – staccato ska verses with pop saturated celebratory choruses.

A smart pithy anti-consumerist manifesto – just because it is simple does not mean it is dumb. And as likely to change our over-spending ways as any newsworthy stunt from UK Uncut.

“Seems like everybody’s got a price, 
I wonder how they sleep at night. 
When the sale comes first, 
And the truth comes second, 
Just stop, for a minute and 

Supported by BOB who delivers a rap in the spirit of the song and manages to get the word Fuck in to his rap without you hearing it!

Jessie J Price Tag Puppet StringsAll delivered with a striking video with pop-art scenes punctuating the song’s heartfelt sentiment.

“Am I the only one getting tired 
Why is everybody so obsessed 
Money can’t buy us happiness 
Can we all slow down and enjoy right now “

And among the stage-craft of the video itself Jessie J herself with immaculate bob-hair, manicured nails, make-up with an-inch-of-her-life and natty threads – unforgettable.

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