Stand Up for Jerry Seinfeld – Personal Archives

The Personal Archives of Jerry Seinfeld is this legendary New York comedian’s new website.

He will be making available each day three routines from his vast repertoire of stand up performances – not just from his past either – present performances will be shared too. He saved every one of his television performances and has now made them available on this site.

He states that he first came upon stand up comedians aged ten watching television, falling in love with them; and hopes that this site can inspire other ten-year-olds in the same way.

One of the stand-up routines from his 180 episode-long Seinfeld show was the observation that our two biggest fears are dying and making public speeches with the latter being the most frightening! Then noting we would rather be in the box at a funeral than up on the pulpit delivering the eulogy!

Stand Up comedy must be the bravest form of comedy for the very same reason – except that your audience is not as sympathetic as you would expect at a funeral! – nor are you having to play it for laughs!

Writing for a TV or radio show or indeed writing for anyone gives you a safe remove – if your routine falls flat you are not the one on the line. In TV and radio your laughter can be canned – getting canned on stage is not so neutral – heckling audience members or perhaps even worse an audience silent and there is nowhere left to hide.

So I stand up for them – if safely applauding from my audience seat!

For Seinfeld and for others in this fold like Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey, Diane Morgan, Sarah Silverman, Isy Suttie, Victoria Wood, Sarah Millican, Russell Brand, Aisling Bea and – and anyone that you would stand up for?

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