Isabell Kristensen – the Danish Couturier on Wedding TV

Wedding TV recently re-broadcast the first episode from their 2009 second series of The Wedding Designers dedicated to Danish Couturier Isabell Kristensen. And incidentally ever available on their website.

Not solely a wedding dress designer, much of the program saw the Scandinavian socialite discussing her couturier career to date and her favourite collections and pieces along the way.

From her collection

From her collection

Isabell Kristensen favoured bling is Swarovski Crystals – one dress she designed required two-and-a-half months of a dress-maker stitching them into it – rather like Damien Hirst and his £50 million Diamond-encrusted Skull this is the Marie Antoinette Let them Eat Cake end of the decadence scale! Her motto is ‘Too Much Is Never Enough’ and which aspiration definitely infuses her works. Austerity for Isabell is cutting back on the number of Swarovski crystals in one of her gowns!

She has designed for Shania Twain, Nicole Kidman and fellow country-woman Helena Christensen, among other illustrious clients.

She also designed Katie Price’s wedding dress – or rather a wedding dress for one of Katie Price’s weddings! The first one to – you know – let’s not give him any more column inches!

Wearing her own

A bling creation – described by The Trusted Beauty Guide as a ‘fairy-tale wedding dress’ – not sure which of Hans Christian Andersen’s (and the third Dane to get a mention in this post!) fairy-tales describes their subsequent doomed marriage – perhaps more Grimm! – but certainly the dress itself was in the spirit of both Kristensen and Price – attention seeking to its last stitch. At $30K it was quite traditionally constructed but in her favourite colour of pink and strewn with crystals – even the veil!

But for all the attention this dress received – 75 pages in OK magazine alone! – she could not bring herself to say Katie’s name referring to her only as ‘The Client’!

They’ve cropped her hat!

She is not the most prolific of couturiers. Her website showcases her work and her last listed collection was 2003! Her website too includes a lot of photos out and about in Monaco with her glamorous friends or sporting fabulous hats at Ascot – I would have liked to have seen these photographs in higher resolution – not for the company she is keeping but for a better look of her fabulous gowns and hats.

I guess this is the professional life of a wealthy socialite designer – they have the luxury of being able to produce collections and pieces as and when they feel like rather than as the fashion-catwalk-come-treadmill schedules demand.

I look forward though her next collection – even if I may have to wait until 2020!


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