Heston Blumenthal’s Waitrose Recipes

Watching Heston Blumenthal’s current TV ad for Asparagus Egg Dippers with Smoked Salmon I was again credulous at his inventiveness.

Granted this is not on a par with his Gothic or Victorian Feasts as seen on Channel 4 and accepted I am quite an innocent to the world of haute-cuisine but what are the thought processes that results in a recipe such as this! I understand that salmon and asparagus is a common enough culinary coupling but to smoke the salmon in Lapsang Souchong tea! And then for good measure, to peak those taste-buds to bursting, dip it into a soft-boiled egg!

Waitrose have employed Delia Smith too – an unlikely marriage of British cooks perhaps – steady as she cooks Delia and kitchen-as-laboratory Heston but one that certainly covers both edges of the eating spectrum.

His and her recipes can then be purchased from Waitrose – but can you mass-produce Heston’s creations? Short of him preparing each recipe himself can it possibly taste as good? We can also send in for a recipe-card – and can we make from this recipe card what he would make with it? I think not – with apologies to any Michelin multiple-starred chefs that should happen to be reading this post!

I guess I can always join the queue for The Fat Duck.

I am now off to salivate at his Cherry and Chocolate Pudding – food videos that should be x-rated!