BAFTA Awards 2011 – and the winners are…

Sherlock, Misfits and well see for yourself on the BAFTA awards page.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts gave out their awards Sunday May 22 for all things British and Telly in 2010.

For me like you I am sure there were awards for TV that I liked (Misfits Lauren Socha for Best Supporting Actress), awards for TV that I did not like and awards for  TV that I had not even heard of (such as Eric and Ernie about Morecambe and Wise whose Daniel Rigby won leading actor).

Misfit Lauren Socha

Also like you I am equally sure there was TV I liked that went unshortlisted for any award – where were The Inbetweeners, Spooks, Skins, Ashes to Ashes, Lark Rise to Candleford, Gok Wan? – I could go on and I suspect so could you, and that a number of items on my list would not be on yours and this is part of the fun of these awards too – arguing who should have been included and excluded.

There were twenty-six categories in all which is a lot yet no category for Reality Television – considering it is such a dominant medium now it is quite a high-brow oversight I feel.

Alas there were no awards either for adaptations of Swedish existential-detective novels or of the works of Jane Austen!

TV Choice 2010 Winner Denise Welch

The BAFTA’s are decided by a jury of industry insiders. The antidote to them are the TV Choice awards where we the public can participate – if from a long-list of candidates. I did so a few days back having received a Tweet from the makers of Lip Service asking me to vote for them in Best New Drama category! The time-periods are a little different for these awards – including a number of programs from 2011 which won’t be available for a BAFTA award until their 2012 ceremony.

BAFTA is the more elitist award TV Choice the more populist – our taste is better than your taste as oppose to the most popular taste is the best taste.

I do not consider myself culturally high or low brow – I enjoy the Jeremy Clarkson as much as the Jeremy Paxman, Mary Portas as much as Lucy Worsley. But awards ceremonies seem to have to be either high or low with no bridge between them.

I am not sure either why TV Choice need to invite votes if they are wanting to reward popularity – TV viewing figures should provide them with that information.

As we have Charlie Booker’s Screenwipe and Harry Hill’s TV Burp – television about television – TV Awards shows are also this meta-TV – a celebration of, well itself.

I do look forward the opportunity to put faces to names of those behind the scenes such as the producers and directors. A chance for them to join the limelight usually reserved for the actors and sometimes writers.

Scotland 2010 RIBA Shortlist

However there are a lot of awards shows – sub-genres of TV like the Soap and Comedy awards then awards shows for Film, Music, Art, Books, Design, Architecture, Sport, Fashion, Politicians – have I overlooked any?! Every kind of Awards show but an Awards Show for Awards Shows!

Some of these awards shows stand up as entertainment in their own right – the British Comedy Awards is a comedy event to match the comics and the shows it is celebrating.

And Music Award shows such as The Brits and the Mercury Prize with their live performances are as much a musical event as the music they are celebrating.

Other Awards shows are as much documentary and educational as they are entertainment.

The Kevin McCloud hosted RIBA Stirling Prize program having just the one main prize to give spends the bulk of its time exploring the short-listed candidates’ buildings in detail before an award is given at the finale.

Not all Awards Shows are televised though. The British Fashion Awards for one. An awards show that I would actually watch live if it were televised – as oppose to record to playback later and fast-forward though the bits I don’t like! – to see both the fashions of those nominated for awards and those audience to it.

So having bemoaned there being too many Award Shows on TV I now close this post wishing there were another one. Tssk!