Danish Wedding Dress Designer Britta Kjerkegaard

Britta KjerkegaardBritta Kjerkegaard featured in Episode 4 of Series 4 of Wedding TV’s Wedding Designers series. This was the second Danish Wedding Designer they featured following their debut show from the second series on Isabell Kristensen which I previously posted on.

Phillip Treacy has been in the news recently following his singular hat creation for Princess Beatrice worn at her cousin William’s marriage to Kate Middleton. Britta Kjerkegaard before turning her tailoring hands to wedding dresses worked for Philip Treacy.

As part of Britta’s wedding dress design she also has her own website and London boutique The Couture Gallery. Her website announces this boutique is closed until June 1st because Britta herself is getting married – will she be designing her own dress is the obvious question!

In addition to Bridal Wear she designs Evening Dress.

At work in her Boutique

Her design philosophy in her own words ‘in a world largely dominated by fashion fads and mass production it is very important to me creating something that is unique and of timeless elegance’.

The show traces the evolution of her works – from their inception in 2003 when she began from her living room mainly designing evening wear before realizing she preferred bridal wear and renting a studio and then setting up and establishing her current London boutique.

The collection discussed in the show is based on corset gowns – in her words ‘built in corsets for a perfect hour-glass figure’. A floral motif runs through them, all of which employ silk materials.

She might be best known to British audiences to Bride Magazine where her pieces are often featured.

If you are not familiar with Britta Kjerkegaard this show provides an enlightening introduction. And if you are familiar with her this show is an enjoyable profile of her and her work.

Her favourite creation

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