PJ Harvey – Let England Shake – in video

I live and die through England…

Let England Shake released by PJ Harvey in February 2011 has produced two single releases so far ‘The Words That Maketh Murder’ and ‘The Glorious Land’ yet each and every song from the album is available to watch in video.

Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy montaged every track from that album into one extended video. The videos for Let England Shake are discrete pieces. I hope this is a trend we see more of.

No industry music video productions are these though created as they are by a Battlefield photographer Seamus Murphy whose more usual subjects are Mexican Drug Wars, Mogadishu and Maoists.

All of the videos include brief poetry recited by the English public relating to the lyrics of each of the songs before leading into PJ Harvey’s performances.

The images featured in this post are from the England video and include still photographs among the moving images. The photographer’s eye as we should expect is very noticeable in all these videos – no video-director visions of Hollywood here.

As uncompromising and eyes wide open as the songs of Let England Shake itself.

A Hand in Glove fit.

Undaunted, never failing love for you England