British Graduate Fashion Week 2011

Another day, another awards event.

Graduate Fashion Week took place 5-8 June at Earls Court, London – with the awards show finishing off that week – and this too their 20th Birthday. The culmination of Universities and other Higher Education Institutes exhibiting their collections before judges presented these awards.

Rory Longdon

Rory Longdon, from Nottingham Trent University won the George Gold award of £20,000 – with his collection of Matrix Trinity-tunic inspired outfits.

And no that is not some philanthropist called George Gold rather Asda fashion partner George and their Gold award!

The Zandra Rhodes Catwalk Textile Award went to Dominique Kral, Northbrook College, Suffolk, for her lizard-lady bodice sculpted chunky knit Armour apparel.

The Womanswear Award went to Marissa Owen of University of Central Lancashire for her sculptured evening wear collection.

Harriet Edmunds

The Lifeline IT Media & Design Award went to Lauren Brown and Sophia Sabados from UCA Epsom for their pictorial zine of six youth-celebrating fashion stories.

Other collections that I enjoyed over the week included Harriet Edmunds, UCA Epsom, with its bright colours and stylish cuts.

Also Raj Shinji, Salisbury College, and their updated take on Old Hollywood caught my eye along with Hannah Cummings, Edinburgh College of Art, and her vivid orange and blue palette.

The Future of British Fashion can continue to hold its head up high.

3 thoughts on “British Graduate Fashion Week 2011

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  2. briliant coverage, so nice to see a different slant on things. Rory is a true star, a rare example of ‘the real deal’, the detailed knit wear he provides is so baffling, so complex, that I love him…BUT I KINDA HATE HIM how can he DOOOO that?!? I dont know if you know how hard that is…its like, start now and if you’re a genius maybe 20 years you will be close. DAMN. Anyway, thanks for the post, I love your style x keep it lush x


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