King Of…TV Shows

Claudia Winkleman

The premise of Channel 4’s new comedy-talk show King for its host, Media Pundit and Presenter, Claudia Winkleman to determine with the help of two weekly guests the best in class of any given category, which she records in her little red-book.

In the opening episode the guests were English comedian Sarah Millican and radio presenter (is disc-jockey still used and appropriate in this age of digital downloads?!) Chris Evans and the topics were holidays, cheeses and jobs.

For this review I will be focusing on best jobs as I am agnostic on vacations and crave all cheeses!

A number of jobs were offered as candidates and there was an eclectic choice with the more predictable ones such as rock-star and film-star – though clearly the use of ‘star’ suggesting not a dream job to be a jobbing musician or actor toiling in obscurity.

More off-the-wall front-runners included a Penguin Trainer and a Bra Advisor with the winner going to a Chocolatier – there was one in the audience!

My idea of a best job is to be doing something each day that I would want to do anyway even if I could survive on milk and honey and had no rent to pay etc etc but which I actually do get paid for! But that is a bit circular and defeats the spirit of the show!

And in any case I can concede other jobs I would consider a dream had I any talent for them.

Sarah Millican

Guest Sarah Millican

Following on from rock-star I would be happy to be a struggling musician but perhaps I am romanticising this from the comfort of distance! Then I am not sure which role – a lead-guitarist or the singer? Too close to call – of course I will be both!

Chris Evans’ job of radio-DJ (yes it does sound better than radio presenter!) would be of consideration – playing your favourite records and getting paid for it – what the phrase ‘nice work if you can get it’ was invented for!

Being a fashion-designer or dress-maker – any profession I think that mixes creativity with art and or craft.

Formula 1 Racing car driver. Enough said!

Inventor – preferably a life-changing teenage discovery where I could live idly off the proceeds for the rest of my life. Or indulge then in any old scheme I like safe in the knowledge I am bank-rolled against any and all failures!

A writer popular with critics and public for their works but whose face is unknown and can go about their day unbothered by autograph-hunters and Paparazzi. I could go on.

I enjoyed the show and its host Claudia Winkleman and will be tuning in again for further King Of episodes

How about your King of Jobs?