Arts Thread – more graduate showtime

Arts Thread

My last post about Showtime noted the opportunity this afforded for new graduate designers to display and share their work widely via the web. Arts Thread is another such site.

Graduates can upload their portfolios to Arts Thread which can then be browsed and viewed via their online directory.

Works are divided into four categories detailed in the above graphic – Fashion/Textile/Accessories; Visual Communication; Industrial/Product/Spatial and Ceramics/Jewellery/Glass.

Arts Thread is not just a resource for Graduates – Universities and Colleges are able to use it to advertise and promote their courses and their own graduates work, working in effect as a recruitment tool.

The site has its own blog and print magazine which can be ordered on their site.

Chloe Watson Portfolio

Chloe Watson Portfolio Example

In respect of the portfolios and the four aforementioned categories you are then able to search by further specialisms – for example the Fashion/Textiles/Accessories can then be searched by Fashion Journalism, Fashion Photography, Embroidery and a whole host of other specialities.

Alternatively you can search by place – by country or city or by a specific university.

Or you can just trawl through lists and lists of names – if you are so inclined!

I like too that they provide a visual search with thumbnail images from each of the available collections.

Having clicked on a collection, information about the graduate’s university and course is given followed by a summary in their own words of their works and inspirations.

If you are registered with the site you can also send a direct message to them. Most graduates also provide links to their own websites.

A portfolio that took my fancy is this début collection ‘Wings or Fins’ from Chloe Watson undertaking a BA Honors Degree in Fashion/Textile Design at the University of the West of England. The collection utilizes digital print on luxurious silk and wool twills and described as inspired by inks and melted wax.

And this is just one of many hundreds of portfolios available to view.

Arts Thread is yet another example of the web making the world more accessible to us all.

Arts Thread Visual Search

Visual Search Function