King Of…TV Shows

Claudia Winkleman

The premise of Channel 4’s new comedy-talk show King for its host, Media Pundit and Presenter, Claudia Winkleman to determine with the help of two weekly guests the best in class of any given category, which she records in her little red-book.

In the opening episode the guests were English comedian Sarah Millican and radio presenter (is disc-jockey still used and appropriate in this age of digital downloads?!) Chris Evans and the topics were holidays, cheeses and jobs.

For this review I will be focusing on best jobs as I am agnostic on vacations and crave all cheeses!

A number of jobs were offered as candidates and there was an eclectic choice with the more predictable ones such as rock-star and film-star – though clearly the use of ‘star’ suggesting not a dream job to be a jobbing musician or actor toiling in obscurity.

More off-the-wall front-runners included a Penguin Trainer and a Bra Advisor with the winner going to a Chocolatier – there was one in the audience!

My idea of a best job is to be doing something each day that I would want to do anyway even if I could survive on milk and honey and had no rent to pay etc etc but which I actually do get paid for! But that is a bit circular and defeats the spirit of the show!

And in any case I can concede other jobs I would consider a dream had I any talent for them.

Sarah Millican

Guest Sarah Millican

Following on from rock-star I would be happy to be a struggling musician but perhaps I am romanticising this from the comfort of distance! Then I am not sure which role – a lead-guitarist or the singer? Too close to call – of course I will be both!

Chris Evans’ job of radio-DJ (yes it does sound better than radio presenter!) would be of consideration – playing your favourite records and getting paid for it – what the phrase ‘nice work if you can get it’ was invented for!

Being a fashion-designer or dress-maker – any profession I think that mixes creativity with art and or craft.

Formula 1 Racing car driver. Enough said!

Inventor – preferably a life-changing teenage discovery where I could live idly off the proceeds for the rest of my life. Or indulge then in any old scheme I like safe in the knowledge I am bank-rolled against any and all failures!

A writer popular with critics and public for their works but whose face is unknown and can go about their day unbothered by autograph-hunters and Paparazzi. I could go on.

I enjoyed the show and its host Claudia Winkleman and will be tuning in again for further King Of episodes

How about your King of Jobs?

Womens Tennis courted by British Fashion

Ana Ivanovic in Williamson

Following my Saturday afternoon rambling post regarding women tennis players on court in heels I thought about this venture between the Women’s Tennis Association and the British Fashion Council which is hung on the hook of this being Wimbledon’s 125th Anniversary and which was launched at the now annual Richard Branson Launch Party at London’s Kensington Rooftop Gardens, Thursday June 16.

British Fashion Designer luminaries such as Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Hussein Chalayan were commissoined to produce pieces for the more curvier and athletic figures of the top-ranking globe-trotting tennis player.

This article in Vogue lists and provides photographs of all the designs.

A number of which were from Alexander McQueen including Britain’s own Laura Robson and Wimbledon 2004 Champion Russia’s Maria Sharapova. But these are definately the works of Sarah Burton and not the man himself – I like Sarah Burton’s work but are we losing the original McQueen Aesthetic?

Li Na sporting Giles Deacon and Gina Couture

Current World Number One, Caroline Wozniacki, featured in my blistering reverie post yesterday, is modelling a black Stella McCartney dress.

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova sporting and with David Koma

Favourites of mine – and I mean dresses not tennis players! – included Matthew Williamson’s salmon coloured corset dress modeled by Swiss World Top Twenty Tennis Star Ana Ivanovic (who also shares her birthday with me – though I should add not year or even indeed and alas decade!).

David Koma’s two-tone dress for another World Top 20 this time Russian tennis-star Anastasia Pavluychenkova also made an elegant and stylish impression.

Current French Open Champion China’s Li Na was recipient of the most adventurous outfit wearing a Giles Deacon print dress and Gina Couture shoes.

The aim of this sporting-fashion union was to feature British designers, raise the off-court profile of the stars of women’s tennis, and further extend the link between the sport and fashion. With a desire expressed to extend further the links between fashion and sport with the London Olympics of next year a focus for this.

I welcome this and look forward the next sport to receive its high-fashion make-over.

Caroline Wozniacki – Blistering Tennis in Heels

Caroline Wozniacki playing tennisDanish Tennis Player and current WTA Number One, Caroline Wozniacki, is currently on UK TV screens advertising Compeed – or is it spelled in capitals? I am not sure and care less. I have not heard of Compeed, if I suffered from blisters then perhaps I would have as they  are maybe the number one blister-killers in the business. But I don’t play enough sport or undertake other foot-chafing activities to ever have to know this.

The ad briefly shows current World Number One yet never to have won a Grand Slam Caroline Wozniacki breaking one of her shoe-heels causing her own foot-heel to blister but thanks to this blister plaster was able to resume her tennis winning ways uninhibited.

Uninhibited but this time playing on court in those heels!

I imagined then an equivalent of a Golfing handicap system where the higher the rank the higher the heel you had to compete in.

Where when we say court shoes we don’t mean trainers we mean court-shoes!

Our own British women players alas would remain in their trainer flats.

Top ten players such as China’s Li Na and Russia’s Maria Sharapova in kitten heels, Caroline Wozniacki herself in narrower-taller stiletto-heels.

And the Williams Sisters? Well they would have to play in the McQueen Armadillos.

And for the men? Well Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal would have to play in Seventies Style Platforms.

Wimbledon starts its fortnight Monday June 20th – don’t hold your breath!

Scottish Fashion Awards 2011

House of Holland RTW Fall 2011

The latest Fashion Awards are in.

In their sixth year the Scottish Fashion Awards (in association with Vogue) were held Wednesday June 15th at the Glasgow Science Centre. In addition to Vogue’s sponsorship others included The Scottish Fashion Council, BAA Glasgow, Swarovski and The Herald.

The main prize, Scottish Designer of the Year, was won by Jonathan Saunders – not the first time he has won this event.

A full list of the winners can be seen on the Scottish Fashion Awards website here.

Awards that I was particularly pleased with was the Scottish Textile Brand of the Year Award which went to Harris Tweed, Hebrides, as much for demonstrating tartan can be stylish and modern not just consigned to travel-rugs!

International Designer of the Year went south of the border to England’s House of Holland. This Cool Britannia designer had also in his Fall 2011 RTW collection embraced Scotland in the aforementioned Harris Tweed indeed – but in a very pop-art candy store fashion in terms of the design prints.

Jonathan Saunders RTW Fall 2011

Bebaroque Maude Tights

Scottish Accessory Designer of the Year went to Bebaroque who work with hand embroidery and prints with hosiery a canvas for their artistic musings. Other accessories such as scarf’s and hair-grips also get this ornate make-over. The founders, Chloe Patience and Mhairi McNicol, both studied in the Glasgow School of Art, starting this company in 2007. Their collections are for sale on their website and also available in high-end UK Stockists Harrods, Selfridges and Liberty.

Finally the Hall of Fame award went to Rankin – which did cause me to double-take wondering how the Scottish crime novelist Ian Rankin had landed such an award not associating him with a notable interest in fashion! But no this is the photographer and magazine publisher Rankin who like Madonna and Rihanna goes only by one name. To many his work transcends the craft of photography itself into art.

X-Men: First Class – Hit me baby one more time

"Canada is on our northern borders - who knew?' - Obligatory Google Image Hits Photo

“Canada is on our northern borders – who knew?’ – Obligatory Google Image Hits Photo

X-Men First Class – did you think so? I don’t care – as the saying goes ‘I made you look’ and that is all that matters to me, granted not to you.

I hope you don’t feel cheated that I lured you here in under false pretences? You were searching for this current big-grossing US box-office draw and I have peppered this post with such phrases to drive up the hit count on my blog whilst not providing you any new information on what you are looking for or indeed any information at all outside the words you Googled. You will pass on perhaps irked perhaps even cursing me but no matter whether you stayed with this post to its bitter end or no more than a nanosecond before clicking back to the Google page you came from it is all one hit for me.

At this juncture I will throw in the words Barack Obama, Sarah Palin and sex but be careful enough that their sequence is ambivalent enough to see me not sued for libel in the process of getting that hit. Sweet Lady Gaga Madonna how foolish that would be.

Pippa Middleton’s sister – obligatory Google Image Hits Photo Two

Like stating Cheryl Cole secretly wishes to marry Simon Cowell. Thankfully it is not a claim I am making just a string of words with search engine on its mind.

I now want to share a dream with you, a nightmare indeed. I am still a little shaken by it involving as it did US Representative Anthony Wiener doing unspeakable – so grateful to implicit not explicit speech – acts over images of Newt Gingrich’s spouse – I would say Callista but her husband is even more hit-worthy – more than compensating for any stray Calista Flockhart hits I pay pick up along the way.

The trick to be rolling in the deep is not to sledge-hammer in these phrases so that they seem like a contrived web-bot generated collection of random nonsense but that they read as if written by a human if with no more enthusiasm for the subject than a monkey typing away the proverbial thousand typewriters – sorry Apple iPads.

Before I go this just in on the Gossip Wire, Cloud Cuckoo Land, I can reveal that Kate Middleton, future UK Queen no less,  indulges in extreme couponing. A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace commented ‘We really are all in it together’. Okay now I am just being silly.

Yes everything in this post was a big fat lie.

British Graduate Fashion Week 2011

Another day, another awards event.

Graduate Fashion Week took place 5-8 June at Earls Court, London – with the awards show finishing off that week – and this too their 20th Birthday. The culmination of Universities and other Higher Education Institutes exhibiting their collections before judges presented these awards.

Rory Longdon

Rory Longdon, from Nottingham Trent University won the George Gold award of £20,000 – with his collection of Matrix Trinity-tunic inspired outfits.

And no that is not some philanthropist called George Gold rather Asda fashion partner George and their Gold award!

The Zandra Rhodes Catwalk Textile Award went to Dominique Kral, Northbrook College, Suffolk, for her lizard-lady bodice sculpted chunky knit Armour apparel.

The Womanswear Award went to Marissa Owen of University of Central Lancashire for her sculptured evening wear collection.

Harriet Edmunds

The Lifeline IT Media & Design Award went to Lauren Brown and Sophia Sabados from UCA Epsom for their pictorial zine of six youth-celebrating fashion stories.

Other collections that I enjoyed over the week included Harriet Edmunds, UCA Epsom, with its bright colours and stylish cuts.

Also Raj Shinji, Salisbury College, and their updated take on Old Hollywood caught my eye along with Hannah Cummings, Edinburgh College of Art, and her vivid orange and blue palette.

The Future of British Fashion can continue to hold its head up high.