Paris in July – Couture Week – Christian Dior beyond Galliano

Dior Couture Fall 2011

Dior Couture Fall 2011 Collection Zuzanna Bijoch

Modelled by Zuzanna Bijoch

It’s Paris Couture week – hooray! As a blogger posting about these shows it is a ‘promenade dans le parc’ – but a challenge too – a challenge to avoid posting up a  handful of fabulous photographs with easy lazy lacklustre supporting prose. Afterall the photographs do speak for themselves – and it is such a subjective experience – what I see and feel is not necessarily what you are seeing and feeling and so I may as well shut up and let the pictures speak for themselves?! But then where’s the fun in that!

In my last perfumed post I alluded to the disgraced and fallen John Galliano.

In Paris on American Independence Day was the Christian Dior Couture Fall 2011 collection – the first after the Galliano Storm. Bill Gaytten formerly under Galliano’s wing now left to fly his own wordless arc.

Has he flown too far the spirit of Dior? Dior purists – Diorists? Diorinna’s?! – are tending to think so. Its tradition has been transgressed too much – a lot can be done within those narrow confines but Gaytten has abandoned those confines almost entirely.

Dior Couture 2011 Collection Alana Zimmer

Modelled by Alana Zimmer

I would agree but am still more ambivalent than despondent as I enjoyed the collection very much.

In the words of fashion critic Tim Banks as if ‘Dior woman had suddenly been possessed by a Disco dolly’ – entertaining perhaps for us Front Row interlopers but an in-body experience a Dior woman would most likely want exorcising of.

For the rest of us it will be interesting to see if Gaytten is allowed to continue upon his path or if the House of Christian Dior reins him back in.