Just Another Shocking News International Revelation – Time for Rupert Murdoch to close The Sun and The Sunday Times?

News International TitlesAnother second passes another appalling News International scandal. Just how many more hacking allegations are there to come? And what else has been hacked – Email and other Computer related accounts? And what other scandalous practices are there out there in Tabloid Land that remain yet to be uncovered?

Last week Rupert Murdoch did the right thing in winding up The News of the World – first there was the phone hacking of murdered Milly Dowler’s mobile phone then the phones of the bereaved relatives of the 7/7 victims then those of the widows and other bereaved relatives of British soldiers. Surely there were no lower depths to plumb?

And then the violations of the ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown by The Sun and The Sunday Times of among other confidential details his bank and son’s medical records. Again Rupert Murdoch should do the right thing and wind up these newspapers.

This would leave us with just one National Murdoch owned title, The Times. They would have to learn the lessons – that is if they themselves are not already tainted.

All mainstream parties are now remarkably and impressively supporting a House of Commons Motion presented by Labour Leader Ed Milliband for Rupert Murdoch not to proceed with the bid for BSkyB as not ‘in the public interest’ – that is quite a turnaround for Murdoch – in that context from hero to zero.

This so far has been a partisan post unavoidably as notably no politician victim of this hacking has been a Conservative – and because all three titles are of the right. However I am quite sure from what I understand that these practices are quite widespread in other publishing homes and not just the conservative ones such as Express Newspapers (Northern and Shell) and Daily Mail and General Trust but also Trinity Mirror plc.

The whole industry could collapse under the weight of its own depravity.

We could end up with a situation where only the Financial Times and The Morning Star are left in circulation!

This would be no loss – most readers would migrate online if they are not online readers already. Online media is much more plural – not just the online presence of the printed-titles themselves, but many flavours of political magazines, the radio and television media, the blogosphere and yet other sources of news and opinion. And not just confined to the UK too but a world wide perspective.

Daily printed newspapers are increasingly ever more irrelevant and it is an irrelevance of their own making. The invidious presence of monopolistic press barons and unashamed partisanship and the damaging effect this has on UK Parliament and the general body UK politic could finally be laid to rest.

Lay this body down.