Hussein Chalayan – Fashion Narratives

Decorative Arts Museum Paris

Hussein Chalayan Heliopolis 2006 Collection

Heliopolis Collection 2006

The Decorative Arts Museum in Paris is currently showing through November 13 the works of British-Turkish Cypriot Fashion Designer Hussein Chalayan in an exhibition titled ‘Récits de Mode’.

Hussein Chalayan After Words Collection 2000

After Words 2000 Collection

A similar exhibition some may have seen and recall at the London Design Museum in 2009.

The Decorative Arts Museum provides a lot of text and visuals on the exhibition on their website. The site is in French, there is an English version of it, though it does not provide as many details on the show.

Chalayan is another graduate from Central Saint Martins College (1993) and like Alexander McQueen has always stressed his work is as much about the design and the architectural as the fashion. His website includes as many art projects and videos as it does fashion pieces.

The exhibition is not simply fashion behind glass but is interactive and explorative allowing you to see the processes involved at all stages of the work via various media.

The exhibition commences from a decomposing dress of his opening 1993 graduate show and then follows along his varied and creative fashion career including the synthetic paper airmail-dresses and fibre-glass ‘airplane’ dresses.

A book detailing the exhibition and overseen by its curator Pamela Golbin is available on the website to purchase.

The exhibition provides you with lots of supporting narrative but we can also of course put aside the contexts and let the visual impact of his works speak to us directly.