David Downton – Fashion Illustrator – Artist or Artisan?

David Downton FIG Prints

David Downton Dior Couture A/W 2009

Dior Couture Autumn/Winter 2009

You can purchase original David Downton artworks – or high craft (Haute Artisanales?!) – at FIG PRINTS.

Fashion Illustration Gallery was set up in 2007 to promote and hopefully sell works of fashion illustrators. The Fig Prints site extended this to the world wide audience of the web. The site also has an interest in rare print magazines and books that feature fashion illustration.

The site does not just feature works of current illustrators but historical names too such as Cecil Beaton and Andy Warhol.

David Downton though has just made three new original prints available to buy on the FIG site. These are not the mass-produced prints you might have bought from Athena when it was still on the high-street or that you may now purchase online from All Posters but originals selling at £350 per piece as part of limited edition print runs of between fifty and one-hundred. They are all signed, dated and numbered by him too.

At this price range we are in iPad territory but on the other hand if you cannot afford Dior Couture pieces this might be the next best affordable thing?

These three are ink on paper using the Giclee technique – fine art digital prints created on ink-jet printers.

David Downton Dior Couture Spring Summer 2011

Dior Couture Spring Summer 2011

All three are taken from Dior Couture collections but not rush releases from the recent Dior Fall show of Monday July 4 but from older collections between 2009 and 2011 when Galliano had not yet plunged from saint to sinner. Downton is a regular attendee of Paris Haute Couture shows.

Two of the three are black and white and previously I have preferred his colour ones which I find more vivid and impactful.

I find them all very expressive though – more so perhaps than a high-resolution digital photograph – perhaps there is something about the warm analogue fuzziness of it all.

Masters of Fashion Illustration David Downton Woman Red DressIn addition to being able to buy these and his older work on this site he also has his own website where you can view his work in greater detail including a wide range of portraits including Catherine Deneuve, Lily Cole and Cate Blanchett.

If you like his work but cannot afford them which even were we not living in austerity-biting times are not a casual purchase for most of us and want to see more of his work in non-digital form then you may find his book ‘Masters of Fashion Illustration‘ which surveys this genre including his own work a more accessible introduction to his works.

I think his works are art – how about you?