The Emotional Stockmarket – Love Makes the World Go Round…

The Emotional StockmarketEmotional Stockmarket GraphLove and Happiness are on the up, Sadness is in a slump – so reads The Emotional Stockmarket.

The Emotional Stockmarket is another University of The Arts Showtime venture – this one has part of their Summer Shows 2011 season where as you might imagine we are able to visit the shows, meet the artists and see their works. Such as this Emotional Stockmarket from Max Dovey as part of his BA in Fine Art from the Wimbledon College of Art.

Unfortunately this particular show was open to the public for one week only in June 2010.

The idea is to measure Happiness, Sadness and Love based on Twitterfeeds – the instances of tweets mentioning the words Happy, Sad and Love! This I think is something that could have been sustained on the website if they were so inclined?

I note that they include Sad with the Happy but not Hate with the Love. Perhaps though we would expect when Love is peaking Hate to be troughing but perhaps not – as both heartfelt emotions can be experienced simultaneously by different groups of people and similarly when both emotions are in a trough indifference reigns – perhaps I am thinking about this too much?!

During the June week that this market ran I checked my own tweets to see if any of mine would have contributed and lo one did – I wished all my followers a Happy Summer Solstice. All of my 16 followers! I use Twitter to talk to myself! And so my musings into the void got picked up afterall!

I guess if they were so inclined they could have regional emotional stock-markets – or even country by country – to see where the worlds happiness hotspots are!

Or by gender – are men or women the happier people – I really am thinking about this too much!

Are there other emotions they coud track? Hope and despair? Ennui? Pride? Fear? Jealousy? Or do all of these get swept up under their umbrella triumvirate of Happy Sad and Love?

I wonder too the comparison of the Emotional Stockmarkets with the equity and bond stockmarkets – would the United Kingdom’s FTSE 100 and the USA’s S&P 500 etc correlate – should we expect happiness to be tied in with material wealth?

Okay – I have ran with this idea enough – any more legs you can give it?!

One thought on “The Emotional Stockmarket – Love Makes the World Go Round…

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