Task Management Software Review – Tasks

‘What to do yeah, I really don’t know, I really don’t know what to do’ – Jagger/Richards, The Rolling Stones ‘What To Do’

Crowd Favourite Tasks log-in screenTasks software does what it says on the tin – except that it does more.

In addition to allowing you to manage your Tasks – or To Do’s – you can run it as a Calendar and as a Document Management system, it allowing you to attach any number of files to your tasks.

Tasks is avaiable in a number of variants including one for business Tasks Pro and a light version Tasks Junior – this review will concentrate on the one for personal use, Tasks.

Tasks comes from Crowd Favourite based in Denver, Colorado USA who have a number of other services and products with an emphasis on WordPress themes and plugins.

Crowd Favourite Tasks Screen Grab

Task List view

Tasks is a browser-based software that allows you to manage your tasks wherever you have access to an Internet connected device as long as you have installed the software on your own domain server. This means whether you have a Mac, Linux or are on the dark side with a Windows PC you can access and manage your tasks. The only access caveat is from mobile devices – you can access via your phone’s browser but whether tasks lend themselves to the smaller screen of a Blackberry or iPhone I would be doubtful. On an iPad or other Tablet they will of course be fine. I am not aware if there is any work planned for a smart-phone app.

Tasks can develop organically – they can be discrete tasks or end up the parents of many children tasks.

Tasks - New Task screenshot

Creating a new task

Tasks can be categorized and tagged. You can also add Notes – such as memos – but should a note later need to become a task it can quickly be converted into one.

Tasks integrates with your Email – any message you receive can be forwarded to your Tasks and become converted into a task.

Tasks has its own internal search too – of both the title and its textual content. And though the text area does not support hyper-text there is an option to attach URL’s to those tasks.

As you would hope from a Task software you can prioritise them – firstly you can set a date for the task completion and then list all the Tasks chronologically.  Secondly you can assign priority and list your tasks on that basis.

You can make tasks Sticky too – which means if all the sub-tasks are complete but you want the parent task to remain it won’t then close.

And if you have tasks that recur you can set up a template so that you do not have to recreate their sub-task structure each time.

You can also customise the look of your Tasks with a number of available skins.

Finally your data is secure as you set up your own username and password.

A full list of features is included on this Crowd Favourite page including some of the required technical specifications.

I find it a very flexible and organic software that meets all my ‘to-do’ needs.

It allows me to make sense of my otherwise natural chaos! Like the web itself it gives your memory a rest – rather than pondering what I need to do today I can simply refer to my task list.

And the tasks themselves are not just the prosaic and mundane everyday business of my personal and professional life but my dreams too – big dreams need tiny first steps – which are but tasks to be initiated and hopefully completed.

So admin can be sexy – maybe!Crowd Favourite Logo