Angela Morgan – Visual Artist

Angela Morgan Selection of WorksI came upon Angela Morgan Visual Artist perchance.

Perchance dear reader because I was looking – okay of course Googling – for another Angela Morgan.

Rather like the pleasure in going for a drive and getting lost and discovering new places – unless that is you have an appointment to get to!

I was Googling the name Angela Morgan because I had sold my Crooked Rain Crooked Rain CD by Pavement on Amazon to an Angela Morgan and perhaps because I am, cruelly, anal, kindly, hyper-curious, I like to find out a little about the person who bought my stuff, in this case the said Pavement CD. And the Angela Morgan in Scotland that I was looking for I did not find, the Angela Morgan of the Angela Morgans I was searching for that I found instead was Angela Morgan Visual Artist. Okay I think I have made my point!

This Angela Morgan is from Canada.

The homepage of her website and an example of her work greeting us gives us ample impression of what she and her art and work are about but she also includes a brief bio:

Angela Morgan Visual Artist Statement

Her site gives detailed information about her including a CV outlining her education, scholarship and awards, public collections and exhibition history. Another page details all the current galleries she is showing at – they are numerous – my geography knowledge tells me the majority are in her home country Canada – with just one outside of those shores in Europe, specifically Switzerland.

But irrespective of what continent and country you are from all her work is available to see thanks to the everyday wonders of the world wide web. And my maths knowledge tells me there are twenty four of her works available to see on her site.

I include some of my favourites below:

Angela Morgan Big Enough To Block The Sun

big enough to block the sun

Angela Morgan falling effortlessly into my best prunes and prisms voice

falling effortlessly into my best prunes and prisms voice

I find them bright, energetic, fun and creative. In some cases they conjure childhood memories if alas not the kind of childhood activities I ever had!

And I am very glad my wrong-turn happened upon this beautiful place.

Angela Morgan Self Portrait

Self Portrait