Omar Ortiz – Hyper Realism – more seeing is disbelieving

Omar Ortiz Enfoque 1 Jun 2011

Enfoque 1 June 2011

From the pictures in this post you may think that the man behind them, Omar Ortiz, is a photographer – and you would be forgiven but you would be wrong.

These pictures are in fact oil-paintings. Yes really!

I came upon, well Stumbled Upon, his works from the My Modern Metropolisart website. They, also known as My Modern Met, describe themselves as a place where art enthusiasts and trend-spotters connect over creative ideas. They are USA based and have been going just over three years.

Omar Ortiz - La Espera (Waiting)

La Espera (Waiting)

If you are looking for a website that collects and curates current art from around the globe then this site is well worth a visit. I plan to spend more time on this site and blogging about some of the art on it. This site also encourages you to register so that you can then not only browse its content but be a contributor of content whether of your own photography, video or blog posts.

Omar Ortiz’s work was posted as part of a contributor named Pinar’s blog-post titled Hyper-Realistic Paintings of the Female Form. If you like the pictures featured in my post you should check out Pinar’s post which includes many many more pictures.

Omar Ortiz also has his own WordPress blog. It is written in his native Spanish language but if you do not speak Spanish that is no barrier to understanding and engaging with this site which is predominantly pictorial with many more examples of his hyper-realist art.

Omar Ortiz at work

Photograph of the artist painting a photograph!

Omar Ortiz is Mexican and a relatively young artist born in Guadalajara in 1977. He studied as a Graphic Designer before becoming a full-time painter in the early 2000’s. His main teacher of Art is fellow Mexican Carmen Alarcon who he considers as a mentor. Further biography can be found on his blog-site along with a photograph of him – well at least I think it is a photograph!

Hyper-realism is a very recent genre of art more modern indeed than Modern Art (itself not literally modern covering as it does the period from the 1860’s to 1970’s!) having began in the early 2000’s. Its art resembles high resolution photography – and not just paintings but sculpture too. Omar Ortiz seems to have been there at its start with art posts on his blog dating back to 2001.

Like Pinar I am staggered at his representation of the human hand. Likewise his representation of bones and veins beneath the skin and of hair.

Despite the ‘Wow-factor’ I have some reservations too – is his work as much high-craft as art?

The technical aspects are expert but in trying to recreate so closely a photographic rendering of the human form is the warmth and art compromised?

Omar Ortiz - El Coloso

El Coloso – The Colossus