Jeeves and Wooster – let the credits roll for Animation City

Jeeves and Wooster - Fry and Laurie

Fry and Laurie

Jeeves and Wooster, the British Television adaptation of the PG Wodehouse novels, is currently being re-aired on ITV 3.

This post though is not going to be a review of the 1990’s ITV Studios series asking whether it did PG Wodehouse justice or indeed improve upon his work.

Even though there is much that could be reviewed – the impressive ensemble cast of actors, of which led by Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster long before he became Dr Gregory House and modern polymath Stephen Fry, it would be quicker to list fields in which he is not accomplished, as Reginald Jeeves, Bertie’s Butler.

Or the music of Anne Dudley for the opening and closing credits and underscoring the show.

Or its recreation of 1930’s fashions and décors – interiors and exteriors – in the UK and the USA.

Of if you are a petrol-head historian, all the motor cars on show.

Instead I want only to focus on the opening and closing credits sequence and their graphics. Writers rightly complain about not getting enough credit for their TV work – the lead actors taking all the limelight, credit and glory – as for the graphic illustrators of the opening and closing credits, nary a thought.

This post seeks a humble contribution toward redressing that.

As ‘Jeeves and Wooster’ was first broadcast B.B. – before Blogging – I am hopeful that no-one else has taken to posting these images up.

All I know about those responsible are that they were called Animation City.

They were responsible for the The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle film graphics in which the Sex Pistols (or was it Malcolm McLaren) sold their artistic souls for filthy lucre in 1980. They also put their work to the similarly anarchic spirited ‘The Comic Strips Presents’ British comedy series from the 1980’s with Ade Edmondson and Rik Mayall. But after 1993 they seem to have vanished off the face of the earth?! Perhaps they went bankrupt? Or got taken over? Or merely changed their name?

Do any of you know?

I hope at least some of you enjoy their work as much as I do.

Jeeves and Wooster Opening Credit

Jeeves and Wooster Opening CreditJeeves and Wooster Opening CreditJeeves and Wooster Opening Credit Fry & LaurieJeeves and Wooster Opening Credit

7 thoughts on “Jeeves and Wooster – let the credits roll for Animation City

  1. Just stumbled upon this site when searching for something else and thought I’d take a moment to fill you in on the history of Animation City, if I’m not too late. I am the co-founder of the company which I set up with Phil Austin in 1979. We met at art school in Sheffield and went on to the National Film School where we were the first animation students. We did indeed do the graphics for the Great R ‘n’ R Swindle when Julian Temple, an acquaintance from the school, rang to say he’d been made director and needed material for the film. We set up the company on the back of this first commission and carried on for 14 years though, sadly, Phil died 10 years into the run. We did more TV graphics including stuff for the BBC 9 o’clock news and other series from Carnival like Tom Sharpe’s ‘Porterhouse Blue’ as well as ads for things like Our Price and Norwich Union and pop videos for Madonna, Elton John and Rod Stewart. We also did short films that managed to win awards, like ‘Skywhales’ and ‘The Victor’ and ‘Prince Cinders’, a Christmas special for Channel 4. Since I closed the company I have made a couple of feature films, including ‘The Miracle Maker’ (music by Anne Dudley) and worked on lots of different animation and live action projects as well as teaching animation at University College Falmouth.
    The J&W titles won a BAFTA by the way.
    More about me at my website:
    Derek Hayes


    • Wow! When I asked this question about Animation City it never crossed my mind that it would be a founder of the company that would be answering it!

      Thank you for taking the time to do so and for providing further details. Glad to be reminded of Porterhouse Blue and note it is being showed again currently on 4OD and I shall be making a date with it!

      Sad to hear about your company’s co-founder Phil Austin’s death.
      Pleased that the J&W titles won a BAFTA and I look forward to exploring your website.


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  4. Love the animations (but don’t know any more about their creators than you do)! My husband is a die-hard fan of Jeeves and Wooster – we own the entire BBC series of it. I’m not as completely in love with it as he is, but I always look forward to the great music and opening animated credit sequence. Too bad animation today can’t hold a candle to that!


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