500px – living and breathing photography

500px Home PageIn my last post International Photography Awards 2011 I promised to explore further the photographers of some of the works that impressed me most.

500px Alexander Kitsenko sample

Sample of Kitsenko’s work

One such was Ukrainian photographer Alexander Kitsenko. In doing so I came upon a portfolio of his work on a site called 500px, and the site impressed me as much as Kitsenko’s own work. So my post on Kitsenko is deferred while I recommend to you the 500px site. However before I go on here is a sample of his work available on 500px.

I also commented that in addition to having a website to display and to provide a store-front for your photographic artwork you should consider submitting your work to photographic competitions such as the post-featured annual International Photography Awards.

A third option is to submit your work to sites dedicated solely to photography. Here you are able to share your work to like-minded peers and be an inspiration to others as others inspire you.

500px is one such site.

500px Team

Site Details

When you submit your work it can be commented on by both fellow contributors and the site’s editorial team. In turn you are able to comment on other contributor’s work.

The site can be viewed in general simply by clicking from link to link on the photographs that you most respond to. Alternatively there is the short-cut of searching by the numerous categories on offer such as Animals, City and Architecture, Black and White, Fashion, Fine Art, Still Life among many others. Finally there is the standard search engine option.

As well as submitting individual photos you are as likely having a portfolio or two to want to share and this site allows for this with various templates available.

Photographs are available for viewing without registering but to submit and view others portfolios you need to register.

As you can see from the opening image nude content is allowable too but not immediately available asking you to confirm you want to see it.

500px - People sample

Sample in People category

500px also works as a social network site allowing peer-to-peer commenting and the usual social media sharing options to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and others.

Blogs are central to this site too – the site itself has its own blog and you can set up your own photo-blog. The site also allows you to view content across all blogs by aggregating it all into a time-line.

The blogs are in many languages and the site integrates Google Translate too. And Google Translate I am finding is becoming a lot more reliable than its rather initial bumbling translations don’t you think?

The site registration and service is free though there is a paid service at a very reasonable $50 per annum.

Like a lot of free services there are limits on the number and size of content uploaded whereas the paid service allows you unlimited storage.

The paid service also allows you if you have your own web-domain to integrate your 500px portfolio into it.

The paid service is also compatible with the iPhone and iPad and allows web-analytics courtesy of Google.

The best thing I think about sites like this as oppose to your own website or entering a competition is the peer-to-peer interaction – being able to support and feedback on each others works – to friend like-minded photographers and to be inspired by other photographers whose work you may not otherwise have become aware of.

Have any of you used this site? What do you make of it? And how does it compare with similar community based photography sites?

As it is autumn where I am, I finish with this image from Hungarian photographer Ildiko Neer uploaded this very day of writing this post.