Gordon Young – Nice to See You

Gordon Young - Comedy Carpet

Gordon Young Typographic Trees

Typographic Trees, Crawley Library

British artist Gordon Young’s latest work The Comedy Carpet, Blackpool is currently featured on My Modern Met.

On his website Gordon Young describes himself as ‘a visual artist who focuses on creating art for the public domain’.

He styles his work as projects with his first such project dating back to 1992, ‘The Fish Pavement, Hull’. His works cover public spaces the length and breadth of Great Britain.

Most of his work is sculpture along with rather singularly typographic pavements.

Another Lancashire town, Morecambe, is especially favoured, including one project on their most famous son who made the town his stage-name, Eric Morecambe, with the Eric Morecambe Memorial Area, a work which included a statue of him by Graham Ibbeson along with steps in homage to those on the Morecambe and Wise show, where their jokes and catch-phrases are written into the steps. A public space that allows a much-loved comedian’s work to live on and perhaps inspire some of its younger visitors to go and look them up on YouTube…

Gordon Young has won numerous awards for his work and appeared in many publications.

What then is the Comedy Carpet? It is made up of three-hundred granite slabs towards constructing a giant board-walk on the Blackpool water-front – like the Eric Morecambe memorial this includes jokes, catchphrases and punchlines etched in to it, but this time from a thousand British comedians – I have visions of pub-teams making vigils to see how many of the thousand they can name!

One of the most visible quotes ‘Nice to See You’ is very apt and was first used in the 1970’s by the recently knighted Bruce Forsyth on the BBC game-show The Generation Game.

Gordon Young The Comedy Carpet

The Comedy Carpet

The Generation Game is now long gone but Bruce Forsyth is still very much with us – he now compères Strictly Come Dancing – as is the catch-phrase.

Gordon Young’s website is yet to provide full details of his Comedy Carpet Project but the aforementioned My Modern Met article provides more information. Even better if you live within travelling distance of Blackpool then pop along and experience in person. I am certain it will be much-photographed though the best shots perhaps will be aerial, such as from a nearby fairground attraction – not a roller-coaster but maybe a more sedentary Ferris-wheel!

His website does though provide fuller details of all his previous projects.

I end this post with photographs of some of them.

Gordon Watson Wall of Wishes

Wall of Wishes, 2007, Bristol Brunel Academy

Gordon Young Climbing Towers and Boulder Wall

Climbing Towers and Boulder Wall, Blackpool, 2006

Gordon Young Burns Steps

Burns Steps, Ayr, 1998

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