Sorority Girls – Slooter Cahooter’s need not apply!

Sorority Girls together

The Real McCoy

I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member – Groucho Marx

Sorority Girls E4 Website Welcome Image

Arianna, Devan, Amelia, Hannah, Dominque and an old Yorkshire man (one presumes!)

I may have gotten Devan and Hannah mixed-up!

A sorority is an all-female, secret social organization for university students so says the E4 Program website – and according to that site they are a big deal at universities in the US. In British universities on the other hand they are no deal whatsoever.

Sorority Girls Chapter Meeting

A closed member meeting – just them and several million of us viewers!

Sorority Girls the reality show – by genre at least, how much of this series has much grounding in reality is debatable – in its first series from British production company 12 Yard Productions and currently airing on E4 aims to change that. Will this American export succeed or have we a failed British import on our hands?

Sorority Girls is not based on a sister show in the USA – they are hoping perhaps that students in British Universities will be inspired by watching it on TV and setting up their own Greek societies!? As likely to happen as Proms becoming a staple of British school life? Whilst E4 provides us details about the American Sorority Girls it is not forthcoming with details about the British pledges (more of that later!) so it is not even clear whether these British girls are even University Students themselves.

Or are the makers just hoping that we may just watch it as an interesting cultural and or cultish phenomenon like Amish:Worlds Squarest Teenagers and Big Fat Gypsy Weddings?

The E4 program website tells us that such societies ‘fosters growth and personal development within its members in two ways: publically through philanthropic works, social events and academic excellence, and privately through the use of ritualistic ceremonies, symbolism and closed member meetings’.

The five American cult-leaders sorry Sorority Sisters have set up home in  a spacious house in Leeds towards an inaugural British chapter. Fourteen will become five and those five will take over its running when the Americans go home. And provides a springboard if not for further British chapters then perhaps at least a second E4 series.

So then to this second episode which sees the pledges settling into their new home and first set of challenges and initiations.

Sorority Girls PledgeI pledge my allegiance to this E4 Reality TV show and will do whatever it takes to guarantee my fifteen minutes of fame, a spin-off show all-about-me on E4 and a spread in Hello Magazine.

Sorority Girls Sleeping Porch

We call this the sleeping porch, so says the House Mother, for there is one!

Triple-bunk beds to bond sisters together – if in bodily aroma at least.

Sorority Girl DominqueSorority Sister Dominique breezily explaining to us that it is Sorority tradition to kidnap members in the middle of the night put hoods around their heads and drive them to a secret location. Sort of Guantanamo-Lite!

Sorority Girls Hoods

Hooded – in the Sorority Colours of Pink and Indigo, naturally!

This also described as a bonding experience and one of them tells us with a straight face that this is something that they are going to look back on in twenty years time and remember! It is implied that the memory will be a fond one and not one that you might want to bury even as an eternity on YouTube ever-reminds you!

Sorority Girls - cloaks

Sorority Girls in cloaks – not a cult – honest!

Aren’t cloaks cool? – almost worth giving up your mind for just to get to wear one! At the secret location which is only revealed to successful sorority initiates – note that I am insidiously beginning to use the language! – as the rituals that take place there are sacred to the sorority – oh so this is not a profane act! One of the pledges on first seeing this secret sacred spot stated matter-of-factly that she thought it was a place where you take people to murder them! Their first test is to hold a block of ice to their heart in the shape of a Sigma symbol until it is fully melted – one initiate advises us that she covertly placed her ice under her arm-pit to speed the process up!

Sorority GirlsTheir next task is far less sinister – they being taken to the middle of a forest and abandoned! Well abandoned that is to orienteering and being split into two teams (the Grizzlies and the Ferrets, don’t ask!) to then navigate their way back to the House.

Sorority Girls - fake eyelashsWhile the pledges are busy getting lost in Leeds and its surroundings the Sorority team do a sweep of their room and confiscate any item not of the Sorority spirit – such as false eyelashes and fake tan!

Sorority Girls in black

Announcing the Grizzlies as the winners, the losing Ferrets are to be cast into the wilderness via Social Probation. Social Probation meaning that their pledge status is now provisional – that is their provisional membership is now provisional!! Both teams though will attend their first Present. A Present is a formal ceremony when the pledges are presented to their friends and family. But you need to know that it is Presents pronounced Pree-zents!

Sorority Girls Makeover

Sigma Gamma Makeover…J’accuse

As they are being given a Make Over by way of Preezent Preparation an initiate questions one of the Sorority Girls about her own fake-nails – implication ‘You hypocrite!’ and big mistake! For thinking for herself and not mindlessly accepting the Sorority Girl Group Think she will be one of the first to face losing her membership – known as the cull, sorry cut!

Sorority Girls - all in white

They’re all dressed in white, virginal white – their words!

Dressed in virginal white because Sorority Girls are if not virgins then chaste! However they are now told they must go on a ‘Grab date’ which means picking up a stranger off the streets in twenty minutes to be their chaperone for the first pledging ceremony that same night. Very chaste! By the way the term Slooter Cahooter (no really!) is meant as a derogatory term for a sorority sister who as dressed or behaved in a sexually inappropriate way.

Sorority Girls

Cold-dating! The Grizzlies as not on social probation are allowed to request dates from a Gym – because it is a better class of men there! The losing Ferrets though must pick up their dates on the Leeds streets. Surprising were the number of men so solicited who said ‘Yes’ – if someone walked up to me on the street and asked me for a date I am pretty sure my first response would be high suspicion! I guess the presence of TV cameras mollified some of these young men so requested!

Sorority Girls Presenting

I am not one woman but part of a collection of beautiful women, a petal on a rose…

A charming Socialist declaration written by these All-American girls – those reading the  pledge then promise to sever all ties with their old selves – remember they are not a cult! – cue camera panning to her perplexed boyfriend sitting in the audience.

Sorority Girls

Severed old-self?!

In the final section of the show the moment of reckoning arrives for the pledges.

Sorority Girls

The Judges…

Sorority Girls - in purple

…and the Judged

Sorority GirlsThe provisional provisionals, Nadia, Alex and Topaz. One whose Sorority sin was to think for herself, one who at their bonding party had a glass of wine in each hand, another who brought a male back to the Chapter Lodge after the party. These latter two examples of Sorority Girl errant behaviour are of nothing of course to implying one of your Sorority Girls is a fake-nail wearing hypocrite.

Sorority Girls

Being depearled

In the judges own words

You have been weighed and measured and found lacking

The girl so cut must remove her pink pearl necklace and slink off into the night – a petal pruned from the Sorority rose.

E4 has another new program called – wait for this! – Desperate Scousewives – like Sorority Girls it is TV I know that I should not watch but know also that I will! I just can’t help myself – like picking a scab.

Picking-a-scab Telly – have I just invented a new TV Genre!

10 thoughts on “Sorority Girls – Slooter Cahooter’s need not apply!

  1. A reality TV sorority show? My gosh, I totally missed this post way back when. This was very entertaining, Sam!

    “if not virgins, then chaste” made me laugh. What was with the hooded? I would not, would NOT be inclined to that sort of thing, but then Ir ealise you become an outcast if you’re not in. It’s all horrible. I don’t like it.

    A petal pruned from the sorority rose – love your writing.

    Hey & by the way – thanks for coming by as you do. Charmed 🙂


  2. As a sorority member myself, I find it really offensive that the British perspective of sororities is this. If they were a nationally recognized sorority then they would NEVER show themselves hooded bringing their PMs (prospective members) to an undisclosed location. That is grounds to get your charter taken away and your letters dropped. This is disgusting. Sororities and fraternities were founded to be groups of students who wanted to make a difference on their campus through showing values of integrity, leadership, community service, respect, honesty and loyalty among others. Not this.


    • Thank you for your great comment.

      It gives a very good impression of sororities.

      It would seem that the production company for this program have been taking a great license with the truth in the name of ‘entertainment’.


  3. I love this article, it is fantastically written and I agree with it completely. I watched the first episode of this show and then promptly decided that I was never going to watch it ever again… then I got assigned to research how american culture had a global effect and I found this fitted in quite well. But back to my original point, it is ridiculous the whole point of the show! Ladette to Lady at least had morals behind it, and the contestants were learning valuable skills such as cooking and correct elecution which are incredibly useful to have in life! All this show will provide is the image that phasing is acceptable (which is not) and that it is better to be a cultish american barbie doll than an individual brit. Uni is supposed to be a time for self exploration and fun, not being straightjacked by contradiciting morals, set in place by a group of girls who seem to be in need of some serious therapy.


  4. I love that old dude sitting there trying to enjoy a quiet pint. He looks shell-shocked 🙂

    This show looks pretty horrendous. But if it’s anything like Ladette to Lady (or even better, Aussie Ladette to Lady – yeah!) I’ll probably become shamefully addicted to it.


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