Not Sold Out…

I don’t know if this post is necessary or not but you may notice on my blog now a few advertisements surreptitiously trying to sell you something.

This is because I have just been approved for the WordAds Beta – a sort of WordPress rival to Google Ads. In terms of revenue generation I am anticipating cents with a whole dollar being a particularly good month!

However I am interested to see whether it will increase my traffic.

My blog has quite a reasonable footfall but in the same way that a flower-seller in an underpass has – a few stop and say hello but most catch me a fleeting glance before pretending not to have seen me and eyes down or fixedly ahead upon their eternal business. But perhaps these advertisements will lure some of them on to the magical emporiums of consumer goods and services being offered and I will catch a few pennies from it, thus making their indifference to me a little less chilling on my long-forlorn blogging-heart…

Though of course not you dear reader. You and me, we are the discerning few, advertising a futile gesture at best, its trance-like stupor wasted on us…

As an aside my attempted satire post Privatize the Pavements was accompanied earlier by an ad for a private paving company – the humuor here writing itself!

By way of this beta I have also had to change my blog theme – technically it did not meet with the Word Ads approval. This new one is called Sunspot and is rather spiffing I think. It has an eternally autumnal feel too which fits with me – the fall masquerading as the spring…

15 thoughts on “Not Sold Out…

  1. For information for the month of April I made 82 cents – though this was the first month and only live for about two of its weeks for my blog.

    Payment is only made to my PayPal account when I have made at least $100! I have not been posting much of late nevertheless my traffic has been steady. It is still very early days though and I don’t want to extrapolate too much yet.


    • Any visitor to this blog should be able to see the Word Ads irrespective of how they are logged into it Yearstricken.

      The ads are based on content in my blog but I did wonder too about the geographic location of the visitor, that depending on where you are in the world you might see different advertising…and that perhaps some countries may be exempt altogether.

      On the other hand WordPress and the advertising partner for Word Ads, Federated Media Publishing, are both US based so would not think your country would be exempted.

      Any one else not seeing any ads?

      Thanks for letting me know.


  2. Hey Sam, you haven’t sold out 🙂 If you write, why not make a $, I say. As long as it’s discrete (you know, a writer like me has always had a problem between discrete & discreet, but I won’t look up the dic this time…) – then I think it’s fine. If the ads are splattered all over your pages, then they take away from YOUR pages, but if they’re just one or two on the sides, I think ‘that’s life’. Ads like to be out there. I get that. I’ve always actually had an interest in advertising & wanted to be a copywriter but as you’d know, didn’t finish school.

    ANYhow, I was going to say immediately I hit your page ‘I like your new theme’ & then I see it explained you had to! A good choice though, I like. I always thought your ‘currently reading’ thing was an ad., to be honest – is it, or not? Am curious now 🙂

    I once read a blog completely anti-ads that did consider it a sell-out but I think as long as they don’t overtake YOUR page, YOUR theme, then whatEVER, you know? I was interested could you choose the ads though & it’s a shame not. I’d be OK with ads but if I saw a stream of them that I didn’t like, I’d pull the pin, personally. After all, ’tis my page!!

    I hit the like button for being open & honest – that’s what I like. And they better bloody pay you more than a few cents, oi.


    • I’m the same with discrete and discreet too Noeleen – and an example of when the spell-check cannot help either!

      I agree with all you say about ads and blogging. I hope for more control over the ad content beyond the beta but for the time being am okay with the ads I have seen so far.

      The Currently Reading widget is part of the Good Reads website where you can list books you have read, want to read, currently reading etc.


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