Proofreading (Photo credit: lamanyana)

This post is not my usual fiction or review rather I am using this blogging space to tout my skills.

I am establishing a proofreading business.

To that end I will proofread any document of yours at no charge. Materials should be no longer than thirty-pages. I will return pages to you with corrections in Microsoft Word, tracking changes.

In exchange, subject to your satisfaction with the work, I ask that you allow me to add your name and the title of your work to my résumé. I will not plagiarise your work or share it with anyone else but may feature a sample of it in my portfolio.


Incidentally I am also considering approaching unpublished authors and offering to proofread their work.

I wonder though how you prepare your blogging posts? Leaving aside any pen/pencil and paper preparations, in respect of computers – do you type up your work in a word-processing program first such as Microsoft Word and then export it to WordPress or do you go straight into WordPress and type away using its Save Drafts feature until you are ready to hit its Publish button? (This latter approach is my own approach).

The reason for this last question is that clearly both Word Processing and Blogging software provide quite a gamut of proofreading options already and I wonder therefore what space is left for the third-party human proofreader?