Cristian Grossi – 150,000 results and counting…

I seem to be blogging about illustrators of late and this post is about another one, Cristian Grossi.

His works came to my attention back in June via another WordPress blog Chicquero and a post titled Insect mood. Some of the images were mildly animated (as it were) and I was not sure what I made of that but the illustrations otherwise made a striking impression. The insects incorporated into the fashion, more as accessory than horror-invasion.

Insect mood Cristian Grossi

Chicquero post

He has a website with various sections for his fashion commissions, artworks, commercial/editorials, exhibitions, kids-work and the obligatory prosaic information.

Cristian Grossi website screenshot roBOt

Website Home Page

And if you Google (or are you a Binger?) this Italian Illustrator’s work can be found on Facebook, Vimeo & Tumblr. Or on Twitter if you want his thoughts in bite-size.

But something else you can do with Google (and quite possibly Bing too but I am a Googler so enough already!) is search on images. I did this just now and it returned 150,000 results. Actually when I first thought about doing this a few weeks ago there were 145,000 results returned so they continue to multiply.

Google Image search screenshot for Cristian Grossi

Google Imaged

Now Cristian Grossi may be quite prolific but almost certainly he is not that prolific. Almost certainly there is a core of images which are then endlessly repeated as others have used, borrowed with and without permission, the original works. That is quite an accolade though I think. 150,000 endorsements of your works.

Does Google include every image from his aforementioned website? Quite probably but I am certainly not going to be trawling through the 150,000 images to find that out.

Google Images does though take those images/works/art and dislocates them from their original context. Makes of them a sprawl, but through sheer force of the scale involved, a fantastical sprawl for all that.

In the screen-capture I have provided above of the first slew of results you can see a selection of his works and in their midst two photographs of the illustrator himself – click on the picture again and then on the 1880 x 901 link to see it in screen size if your eyes need it!

Sandra Suy

Sandra Suy, actually

You can also be sure that of the 150,000 results attributed to him that not all of them will be correct. There will be a share of false attributions.

Or yet others listed because of some connection however tenuous to him, such as the one image above which actually is the work of Italian Illustrator Sandra Suy which on the page that features her work lists Cristian Grossi as a ‘Related Post’ (though this particular site does not provide further details about her work).

So there we go – Google lists not just an artist’s own work but works that another artist or critic considers comparable to them.

I assume that these images are not listed in a completely random order, that they are listed by the most popular. Popular of course is not the same as best, but can you prove that?!

And Google popular is not quite the same as dictionary definition popular either rather it means the images that are the most search engine optimised – urgh!

His illustrations can feature blocks of vivid colour or a two-tone palette – I like his work in both but prefer the former and it is those I will feature here.

Little Chimp Society featuring Cristian Grossi

Little Chimp Society website

The first above features also the site from which Google grabbed the image from, this site going by the name of The Little Chimp Society!

Insect mood by Cristian Grossi

Do you agree with me that you would not be disconcerted by such insect interest but instead delighted about how their integration adds to your ensemble? Or perhaps I have witnessed too much film horror and am jaded to its effects!

Unnamed work of Cristian Grossi

Cristian Grossi Unauthorized

I said I would cite the original posting page but the one above gives an ‘Unauthorized Request on Page’ message. Staying with insects, Google refers to its automated searching agent as a Spider – and has saved this image in its web despite the original site either having made the page private or retired from business as it were.

Which means though I present the image to you I can provide you with no further information, not even a name. But do you really need such information anyway, as often extraneous?!

But anyway with Google the image will be awaiting you further along and here it is again present as a triptych – it was from his work with Dolce & Gabbana.

Dolce & Gabbana work by Cristian Grossi

Dolce & Gabbana fashion illustrations

Though much of Grossi’s work is minimalist he can also get busy as with this next featured on The Thumbtack Press – not a WordPress blog though, one of those other ones. Their strapline being ‘Authentic Affordable Art’.

The Thumbtack Press featuring Christian Grossi

As featured on The Thumbtack Press

Titled ‘The Fabulous World of Sfigati’. Sfigati is an Italian word for ‘not cool’ (not cool as in unlucky I understand though think too something has been lost in my Italian translation).

The Fabulous World of Sfigati - Cristian Grossi

The Fabulous World of Sfigati

Mind, I would have liked it if it were a completely made up word too!

This would make a great wallpaper print. On this particular blog you can buy this and other of Grossi’s works as prints with or without frames.

This next Google image took me to a Tumblr page.

Tumblr images of Cristian Grossi


Finally I don’t believe in vampires – well aside from all the figurative ones – but I do believe in the Carmilla Vampire website layout. The original Google image itself took me to a blog Unmatched Style and a post from January 2010 titled Rosso Carmilla’s Vampire – clicking on the header image then took me to the website.

Rosso Carmilla's Vampire by Cristian Grossi

Rosso Carmilla’s Vampire

Treat Google as a journey not a destination. Well treat it as a destination but don’t forget it can be a journey too!