Good morning midnight, It’s Christmas

A Christmas post of mine from last year which I am posting again. I don’t know if you remember it the first time but whether you do or you do not I hope you like it. And if you do not I may still send it again next Christmas!

Blog Rest and Play

Cristina Sleep It OffMy mother said ‘I’m a survivor, I pull together Christmas every year.

Something has to last’ she said ‘Once a year let’s have the past’

And then one year to reach up high to hang an angel from the tree

became a painful thing ‘Besides she’s lost her wing’ my mother said

Thing’s Fall Apart by Cristina Monet-Palaci first appeared pale-faced and defiant upon the world, well New York anyway, same thing they say, well New Yorkers say anyway, back in 1981. Going by her first name Cristina her pop-life burned briefly incandescent before evaporating in a puff of neon-dust several years later.

This post is about Things Fall Apart only, though it itself may tell you very much about Cristina. It was her Christmas song, or rather her concession to Christmas song, which as you should gather already is hinting that for her the spirit of Christmas is the…

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2 thoughts on “Good morning midnight, It’s Christmas

  1. Ha! I went to your post & saw I’d liked it already. It’s bizarre, but reading it again, was new to me! I like the music. Anti Christmas – well, not so into Christmas. “Different”, one would say…

    It’s a good reblog, Sam. It’s a good read.



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