Blogging a Dead Horse Thursday again! I had hoped to have an audio version of one of my old posts for you today as per my promise in my Blogs Aloud post but am still grappling with the technology. So instead I share another of my neglected posts – well except by Words Fall From My Eyes, thank you Noeleen! – about a Pedro Almodovar mini-movie.

The content of this post is sexually explicit. You have been warned!

Blog Rest and Play

The Cannibalistic Councillor - La concejala antropofaga

There is nothing more democratic than pleasure

I used to be quite anal about DVD Movie extras – for some enough to watch the film itself, not I. For me I would plough my way through every deleted scene, every interview of cast and crew – from director through lead actors through writers through costumers all the way through to the key-grips – what is a key-grip anyway?! – the box office theatre trailers, and on. Before I realized it was a kind of madness. These extras combined would outlast the length of the film itself – and then some.

Now I am weaned off DVD extras – not to the extent though that I won’t even see what is on offer. Sometimes they will provide an extra that is a work in and of itself. One such DVD was Pedro Almodóvar’s 2009 film Broken Embraces. On it was an…

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  1. Hi Sam 🙂 Ah, ye know my name spelled right. Thank you for the mention 🙂

    Sexually explicit – right, I’ll get to it. Just at this point saying I love the opening line about nothing so democratic as… Bodes well.


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