Domain Lapsed and I’m Still Breathing

Just to test I can still string thoughts together beyond tweet-size…

This post is to let you all know that though my blog is still titled ‘Blog, Rest and Play’ the domain name has lapsed back to the WordPress default of

As my last post was May 18 last year I did not see much point in renewing it.

I am still writing, just not sharing!

Hopefully though it won’t be too long before I share again.

4 thoughts on “Domain Lapsed and I’m Still Breathing

  1. Yes, some of one’s followers do seemingly miss one’s presence eventually. And it’s clear that many bloggers vanish after a couple of years or three, perhaps like getting a little disillusioned and then possibly drifting back. It’s a funny old business.


  2. Great to know you’re still around, as quite a few bloggers have disappeared. Noeleen @ wordsfallfrommyeyes suddenly vanished earlier this year without so much as a goodbye. Her email account has gone too. I only hope she’s alright. I did a little bit of investigating, but could find no trace.

    Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to, once you get down to posting again.



    • Thanks Bryan.

      By coincidence I discovered Noeleen’s blog was gone yesterday when I clicked on the link in my blogroll.

      I did discover her on another site though – Vimeo – and she explains there why she removed her blog prompted by another of her subscribers asking the same question. I posted a comment there also. See this link –

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