Contest Fiction

InstaLogo-140706222223One of the things I have been up to while this here blog of mine has gathered cobwebs is Contest Fiction.

“What now, Contest Fiction?!”

Yes, Contest Fiction – a fiction contest site specialising in prose of the shorter form variety. More details here.

Its first contest is for Flash Fiction of no shorter than 250 words and no longer than 1500 words.

First prizes is $500 and prizes are also awarded for promoting your fiction and for reviewing the fiction of others.

“The judges of these prizes?”

Me? No not me, well only partly, no more or less than you though.

‘Again, what now?!”

All fiction submitted is published on our site within two working days. Then your story is left exposed and vulnerable to the heathen word-hungry hordes for their commenting, rating and reviewing. In modern parlance we have crowd-sourced the judging. We merely administer the smooth running of it all.

It also means that unlike most writing contests you can read the submissions of your rivals and see what you are up against!

And each month there are 10 free entries before the $10 submission fee kicks in.

Tempted? Flash us your fiction, go on!


4 thoughts on “Contest Fiction

  1. Basically sounds like it could be a good idea, on the surface, though I’m not into paying anything to get published, and sending money over the web goes against one of my basic beliefs that money is something tangible you store in a wallet.

    Obviously, Contest Fiction is having some trouble attracting entries at the moment as is admitted on their pages. $10 submission fee for the unlikely chance of getting $500, isn’t that tempting for those of us living outside the US, once the banks pilfer their share by adding on all those extra charges for foreign currency exchanges. And if you happen to win the banks will win even more.

    Too many organisations are trying to make money out of the writers rather than the readers. It’s the wrong way round.

    The best way to get the best writing is too find another way of raising the money. Good writing more than pays for itself when given the chance.

    Nice to see you back, Sam!


    • Thanks for taking time to respond Bryan, I appreciate your frankness!

      I am mindful of the entry fee and it is not set in stone – the market as it were will decide. However as entry is currently free I don’t think that can entirely be the explanation – rather consider our site needs far greater promotion.

      Also we run a referral program so it is quite possible to submit a story to us without having paid anything to us.

      Regarding transaction fees – currently we are only dealing with PayPal but are looking to expand. My experience with them is there is zero transaction cost for withdrawing to my UK bank account. If we award someone a $500 prize that is the amount they will receive.

      Perhaps this is not the case in all countries though.

      In any case Bryan it is all gratis currently – you don’t have to give anything to us or the banks! — we would love to see some of your short fiction on our site 😉


      • Thanks Sam, I didn’t realise you were a major part of the project.

        Well, if it’s free I’ll certainly submit a short story in the next couple of days. I hope it’s okay to send one already published on my blog. If not, let me know and I’ll sort another one out. It’s not that I’m mean, it’s just that Anji and I are a pathetic coupling of an artist and a writer on a very meagre income, which is occasionally topped up by generous family members..

        Well, despite my reservations, I wish you the best of luck, and will give you a plug in the near future, when I’ve had a bit of a chance to take more of a look. I’m busy helping Anji with her summer market and they’re very longs days.

        The publishing world needs a bit of a shake-up, let’s hope you can make a big dent in it.

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        • Thanks Bryan.

          Making a living as a writer gets ever harder – I do understand. In the UK where average wage is about £25K a writers average wage is now £11K. Grim.

          Yes we do allow submissions that have previously been published on blogs or other online sites as long as they have not received any professional fee. We also allow simultaneous submission to other contests and journals. And claim no ownership of your work – the copyright remains solely with you.

          We hope we are offering something different – time will tell if we will prevail.


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