John the Pharmacist

Today’s taster of a story published on Contest Fiction is John the Pharmacist by writer Alayna Cole from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Brad caught John leaving the supermarket. ‘Don’t tell me you…’
John hid his biro-stained fingers behind his back. ‘I didn’t put another notice on the noticeboard,’ he said.
‘I’m not an idiot, John.’
‘Fine, I put another notice on the noticeboard,’ John said. ‘But what’s wrong with that?’
‘I’ve explained what’s wrong with…’ Brad shook his head and decided to try a different approach. ‘John, give us your wallet for a sec.’
John’s eyes widened as though Brad had just asked him to give up a kidney.
‘I’m not going to take anything. Just… trust me, okay?’ Brad said, rolling his eyes at his best friend’s paranoia.
With shaking fingers, John passed Brad the folds of leather. It was difficult to tell if his digits were shivering because of the cold, the anxiety or something else entirely. Brad tried not to think too hard about the third option.
He rummaged through John’s wallet, eventually finding what he was looking for.

To read the rest of this story click here.


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