Out to get me

Today’s taster of Contest Fiction is ‘Out to get me’ by  Jennifer Bella, a writer from the USA.

There are a number of grammatical errors in this story but we published it as we received it such is the nature of our site – we only check stories for their word-count, for plagiarism and that they are fiction. But more general editorial duties we have washed our hands of, the reviewing proofreading eye is left to the readers of our site.

It’s a Saturday night and I’m home babysitting my little brother. My parents go out way to much I think to myself before telling Derek to go to sleep. “Derek go to bed, it’s 9 and I doubt you want me calling dad right”? I say to him before he gives me a dirty look and goes upstairs with anger.

Don’t get me wrong I love Derek but he’s 9, and I’m 17 I wish I had someone older. I hate how I have to waste my Saturday babysitting. Thankfully he’s asleep by 10 usually and I get to invite over Holly. Holly is my best friend for last few years. I met her first day of school here and her and I bonded easily. She’s a great friend and she loves to just talk and watch movies so I invited her over tonight.

For the rest of this story click here.


2 thoughts on “Out to get me

  1. Sorry, Sam,
    I thought I could just send a story to CF and someone else posted it. It´s just too complicated to get a story on the site. Sending a piece to The New Yorker a couple of months ago was easier.

    I am against all sites that request unnecessary personal details. This is more than even wordpress want.

    I am not an billboard but a writer! This type of stuff attracts spam.

    Nevertheless, all the best. I really hope something comes of it because there are so many writers out there too good to miss. And a lot of them have good reasons for not wanting to give too many details about themselves. That doesn´t mean they aren´t good writers, it means this site won´t attract them.

    By the way, I give lots of information out about myself all the time, so it´s not such a worry. It´s just that I´m tired of it.



    • I really don’t know what you are referring to Bryan when you say our site wants unnecessary information. We ask for your name, contact Email address and country you are resident in. I do not consider that unnecessary or invasive. You can even submit under an alias! Several writers have used just their first name and an avatar. There is an option to provide more information – a social bio detailing your other writing for example – but it is exactly that, optional.

      We do also ask about how you came upon our site but that is because we run a referral program.

      Submitting to our site is no more complicated than posting on a WordPress blog. It is almost as if Bryan you visited another site!


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